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Mar. 11th, 2007 @ 11:50 pm Friends Only
Prima Donna is: calmcalm
The music of the night: 'Angel of Music' from Phantom of the Opera
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This journal has been made Friends-Only.

However, I do love getting new friends. If I already know you and you've finally gotten an LJ, just add me, and I'll add you back. If I don't know you at all, see if you have at least 5 common interests of mine, and then let's chat on AIM for a bit or something.

It's not that I'm mean. I'm actually very nice (I think, lol). I just don't want the whole world to know what I'm saying about my life. Not like I exactly update this thing too much, so you won't have to worry about my clogging your f-list.

Besides, once I'm a famous actress, all the stupid tabloids will be writing a bunch of crap about me, so I might as well take my privacy now if I can have it, shouldn't I? ;)

The F-Banner is by bubbles_girl778. It should be bigger, but my photobucket account is all weird and makes pictures other than icons get small. It's annoying. I must fix this.
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