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Hi there. Despite what the username may make you first think, I'm a female; it's just that I have a huge crush on Remus Lupin from Harry Potter ;)

My whole life is theatre, and if I'm working on a play or a musical, then I'm happy, and I try to keep busy in them whereever I can.
But if there's another part of my life, it is most definitely Harry Potter, which I've always loved. I just got ridiculously obsessed with it around summer 2003.

Honestly, this LJ is not one of my biggest concerns, and I don't really update it too often, and when I do, the entries are rather long summaries of what happened since the last month I updated. Or they're short. It varies. I used to be an LJ junkie, but due to high school, a lot of my internet time for whatever I want has suffered.

Still, I do try to keep in touch with all my friends here and make sure everyone's alright. Even if I'm not posting on your LJ, you're in my thoughts. :)

i'm in gryffindor!

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